Saturday, August 16, 2008

Full Moon Lunar eclipse

Today its a full moon lunar eclipse in 24 Aquarius. Aquarius is about the collective and making contributions to society. A great time to think of what is your purpose and what you have to share with the collective. To learn more about this full moon I suggest you read my astrologers log, Neil Paris, he is amazing.

Last night I attended Lower Haight district Buddhist meeting. Wow it was packed with 50 or more people. The wonderful thing I like about Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism is there is a real connection among the members. We share our dreams, hopes trials and give great support to one another. But I also love the fact that I have support unbiased, unconditional support. Attending the Buddhist meeting last night I was so encouraged by the experiences that others shared and most of all I know to never ever give up on your goals, hopes and dreams.

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